Title Transfer Complete!


Resort Holdings (aka Credit Suisse Lending Group / G-LA Resorts) today announced that it has obtained controlling title of the former Ginn Sur Mer resort community and has engaged Replay Resorts to continue its two-year relationship with the new owners in advancing the development of the resort community.

The transferred assets include 1,500 acres of land and the associated development rights, 632 finished lots, and an airport including a helicopter landing pad. Replay is an internationally recognized Vancouver-based company focused on the planning, design, development and operation of destination resorts and resort villages.

“Replay is an ideal partner to manage this incredible asset,” said Ted Dameris, Managing Director of the firm with the largest stake in the new ownership group. “With its extensive experience in large-scale master-planned resort developments, we are certain Replay can help us bring this irreplaceable oceanfront community back to life. We are also grateful to the Prime Minister and the Bahamian government which has been diligent and responsive when necessary to assist getting this transfer done in a timely manner.”

Although the Sur Mer resort community has endured a prolonged period of uncertainty, the new owners ensured that the construction of vital infrastructure never ceased and has now been completed. With the finalization of the title transfer process, the resort is ready to begin marketing again to potential owners. More than $500 million has been invested to create a distinctive community complete with a marina, hotel, golf course and airport.

On behalf of the new ownership group, Replay intends to bring this vision to fruition with preparations underway to re-engage the market and to continue the development of the residential component of the resort.

Over the next six months, the focus will be on master planning, re-engaging the marketplace with today’s emerging destination home customer in mind, commencing a builders’ program, construction of model homes, and preparing for a sales launch. This process will include market research within the US and Canada, as well as discussions with the existing owners in the community.

“We are pleased for all involved that this resort community has a chance to move forward once again,” said Bill Green, C.O.O. of Replay and spokesman for the project. “Dialogue will begin immediately with the current owners and other stakeholders so that they can help to shape the master planning process. We have been working with this ownership group at Ginn sur Mer for over two years and are eager to re- engage the marketplace”.

After years of nearly no communication from Ginn, it will be very nice to have an engaged development group involved with the project. I am still uncertain on Lubert Adler's involvement with the new entity - hopefully we will have some answers later in the week.

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