Construction going Vertical

The two homes under construction at West End by Tommy Logan are going vertical. My house is the smaller building on the left, and a larger double-lot house is going up just three lots away. We posted the floor plans of both houses earlier this year. With the lots raised 10 ft above the sea level, there is excellent ocean views even from the bottom floor.

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Builder Saia-Tate plans Weekend Getaway

Norman Saia and Steve Tate of Saia-Tate Homes plans to hold a weekend getaway this Father’s Day Weekend, June 17th-19th, at Old Bahama Bay.  The weekend includes accommodations at Old Bahama Bay, activities and the opportunity to meet with Saia-Tate to discuss lot owner options for construction. Tentative schedule of events:

June 17th (Friday) Arrival at Old Bahama Bay

Guests may fly direct to West End from Florida. Pick up service also available from Freeport International

Welcome reception at check-in table at Saia-Tate office, hand out weekend itinerary, meet the sponsors Evening reception for adults and movies for kids

Events for June 18th (Saturday)

Breakfast and tour Kids activities with parents Late afternoon games on the beach/ early evening barbecue at Beach Club

Events for June 19th (Sunday)

Champagne Brunch Departure for Airport

E-mail for additional details, special package pricing.

House construction continues

I spent a long weekend at Old Bahama Bay with my family and took the opportunity to visit the development again. The slab was almost ready to be poured on the large double-lot house under construction. With infrastructure complete not much had changed elsewhere in the development since my visit last month. My builder Tommy Logan delivered the plans to the Architectural Board this week for approval, and will file for permits once approved.

Houses going up inside the development

Many lot owners (including myself) are considering building within the development, even before any of the new "core" plans are announced. While the hotel and water parks are not going to be in place anytime soon, West End and the existing Old Bahama Bay resort still provides for a "Caribbean" experience within a 20 minute flight from Florida.

The above double-lot ocean front house is currently under construction by Logan Construction Group (321) 432-1706 in the Beausoleil sub-section. When I visited in January the slab was almost ready to be poured, and will likely be the first house to be completed within the development.

Earlier this month I hired a draftsman through Logan, John Pilkey (863) 324-1193, to start drawing a beach front house for my family. It will be quite smaller than the above house -  30ft wide, two stories, about 3400 sq-ft living/4700 sq-ft total - but plenty of space for weekend getaways. We started with a base plan Logan provided, and by revision four had a finished draft. John charges $1,000 to get started (with unlimited revisions), and $4,000 to $4,500 at completion (ready for permit). Will post updates on the progress.

Update from Saia-Tate International Builders

Maura from Saia-Tate International Builders sent out the following progress update in late November. "I have just returned from West End at the Ginn Project and there is definite progress being made with the construction, etc. There are several people that are now working on developing plans for their homes to be built on their lots as well as docks to be built on the canal lots. The beaches are looking great and the golf course is being maintained and groomed.

In addition, Credit-Suisse and Lupard Adler are working together to create a new marketing and sale team for the Ginn Project. I believe you will see substantial progress on this matter as soon as the Foreclosure is approved by the Court system in the Bahamas which should happen some time before January. It is also my understanding, there will be a new builder program and ARC to support the demand of new construction in the future. CS and LA have been meeting in West End regularly over the past few months. I feel this is a step in the right direction for the entire project.

As you are probable aware, Old Bahama Bay reopened on October 10th, showing off new improvements and offering a very special reopening package.

During the one month that Old Bahama Bay was closed, major improvements were made to the hotel rooms and to the marina, as well as to the public areas. The key upgrades and repairs made in September were:

1. New solar pathway lighting throughout resort 2. Teasers Tiki Bar Thatch Roof, plus new cabinets and bar 3. Bonefish Folley's complete pressure wash and roof repaire 4. Bonefish Folley's painted inside and out, and new carpet installed 5. New electrical switch boxes for the Marina 6. Improved signage for the marina slips 7. Marina bathrooms overhaul 8. Fish Cleaning station refurbished 9. Playground equipment fixed and painted and guest bicycles reconditioned 10. Pool bathrooms: repainted and new bathroom stalls 11. Fitness Center: new rubber floor 12. Hotel unit improvements:

1. New door locks 2. New area rugs 3. Painted buildings 4. New Vanish Doors 5. New patio ceiling fans changed 6. Teaking & Refinishing Furniture"

Thanks for the update Maura!