No water & power, architectual board unresponsive?

In a letter mailed to owners last year, Ginn claimed the lots were ready to be built on. But according to a builder we spoke with this week, the water plant is currently inactive and power has not been connected at the head-end. It is somewhat understandable that they can't have the water plant up and running with no residences on site, but it becomes a bit of a catch-22.

We also heard that the architectural board is slow in approving requests for docks construction, because they are required to provide power to the site once construction starts. With Ginn gone, who makes up the architectural board today?

We will look into these claims on our next onsite visit.

Update: Power is not yet available at the lots, due to a "head-end" connection issue. However, according to representatives for the developer this will shortly be completed. Water is available from the same source that Old Bahama Bay uses, but not from the development's plant. The sewage is installed but not operational (lack of houses), so septic tanks are required for now. Tommy Logan told me that the Architectural Board signed off on the house he is building within two weeks of sending the application in.