Less Atlantis, more like Green Turtle Cay and Hope Town

In an interview with the Tribune, Replay Resorts' chief operating officer Bill Green said their plans for the development "was now more to emulate the Family Island-style of living epitomised by communities such as Green Turtle Cay and Hope Town," rather than the previous mega-resort concept.

Green thinks refocusing the development is the right approach, and plans to cater to buyers that intend to remain long term owners and not flippers.

Replay is still in the process of making modifications to the master plan. "We're very cautious, because we think that if this next phase of development does not succeed, it will be a very severe blow to the development, so we want to make sure we don't miss."

"Connectivity to the water" and the close proximity to Florida's boating community will remain among highlights of the development. They plan to share their plans with the owners soon.

To stimulate home construction, Replay has arranged for home construction financing through Scotiabank and plans to build several model homes. They also announced today that they have cut the builder fee from 8% to a flat $5000.

Regarding the relationship with Lubert Adler, Green said that Replay are "proceeding on an individual path". "We have had many meetings and conversations with them, and wish them well. We need everyone to succeed here, but it's difficult to ascertain their plans and timing. A successful formula is one that enables us to proceed on our own."

Painting by Pat Anderson