How many lots were sold at Ginn sur Mer?

According to a lot owner list that we have seen, about 220 out of 496 available lots (44%) were sold by Ginn from 2006 through 2008. You can see the break down and location of the sold lots in the info graphic above. [Update - 194 lots appears to be the final number of lots that closed].

This matches statements Ginn officials recently made publically. In a declaration prepared for the inflated appraisals lawsuit, William McCracken stated that “there were approximately 215 undeveloped lots sold .... approximately 50% were cash buyers, and the others were financed.”

Project manager Derek Gape recently told the Nassau Guardian "that the $20 million per year spent on promotions at the onset of the project were worth it, bringing in $175 million in sales for the 194 properties."