Houses going up inside the development

Many lot owners (including myself) are considering building within the development, even before any of the new "core" plans are announced. While the hotel and water parks are not going to be in place anytime soon, West End and the existing Old Bahama Bay resort still provides for a "Caribbean" experience within a 20 minute flight from Florida.

The above double-lot ocean front house is currently under construction by Logan Construction Group (321) 432-1706 in the Beausoleil sub-section. When I visited in January the slab was almost ready to be poured, and will likely be the first house to be completed within the development.

Earlier this month I hired a draftsman through Logan, John Pilkey (863) 324-1193, to start drawing a beach front house for my family. It will be quite smaller than the above house -  30ft wide, two stories, about 3400 sq-ft living/4700 sq-ft total - but plenty of space for weekend getaways. We started with a base plan Logan provided, and by revision four had a finished draft. John charges $1,000 to get started (with unlimited revisions), and $4,000 to $4,500 at completion (ready for permit). Will post updates on the progress.