Construction Update January 2011

For all the developer defaults and legal wranglings, over the last four years the construction team at West End has done a fantastic job turning the swampy remains of the abandoned Jack Tar resort into a solid foundation for future growth. If you haven't visited the place since the original sale events in 2006-2007, be prepared to see a lot of changes.

Wide and deep canals now cut through the property, and the lime rock removed has been crushed and compacted to raise the lots several feet above sea level. Underground utilities are in place (although not yet operational due to lack of usage). Miles and miles of concrete roads connects the subdivisions, with the main boulevard and guardhouse extensively landscaped. Solar powered lights lit up the streets at dusk. Three empty beach club buildings sit along the ocean. The golf course is 95% ready, and could likely be open for play within 90 days once the developer commits to finish it.

The land and canals highlighted in green above are the "infrastructure" complete areas, the red remains undeveloped. The completed areas were covered under the original escrow fund, while the remaining land was always planned for future development (no lots were sold in those areas).

There are a few deviations from the proposed Master Plan. The connector road and the bridge from Grand Boulevard to the Core (Sirene Avenue) is not installed yet, so all traffic to the Core has to go through Beausoleil. A movable bridge is likely to be installed to allow for larger boats within the Beausoleil canal. The golf cart bridges to and from the 18th hole are missing, and the golf cart bridge to the first hole is installed but not in use (the canal below the bridge isn't cut yet).

The first house within the Beausoleil started construction earlier this year. It is a double lot, 9000 sqft house built by Tommy Logan with the Logan Construction Group. More to come on this exciting development.

Of course, the "resort" aspect of the development is no-where near where most of us expected it to be by 2011. No hotel and restaurants, no marina docks, no new customs building and airport terminal, no water park, no golf clubhouse etc. Hopefully we will hear some plans about the resort aspects later this year.

However, if you are looking for a place where you can have a few miles of beach with crystal clear water for yourself, with an on-site airport 20 minutes from Florida, West End is a great choice.