Airport to open to public, charter services

The Freeport News is reporting that the airport within the development will soon open to the public, in an effort to attract more business to Old Bahama Bay.

Derek Gape said "... we want to turn the airport into General Aviation use so that we can actually bring in charters to help the existing resort, Old Bahama Bay Resort so that we can sell more rooms, bring more people here and to create more of a marketing edge for Old Bahama Bay."

According to my sources the General Aviation permit has been issued, and they are now looking for additional staff to undergo the required training.

"This new application for the airport gives us the ability to open it for general aviation is going to be huge for us," said Mr. Gape, "because it means that anyone who gets into a plane in Florida can now say lets go to Old Bahama Bay for lunch. That's a great thing for us."

Further more, Paris Air out of Vero Beach is actively going to be promoting aircraft charters to and from the resort.

I think this is great news, as it will expand the staff and access to the airport for property owners.